About the author

Andrea Chatten – MSc, MBPsS, PGCL&M, BEd (Hons), Dip.CBT, Dip Hypnotherapy, Dip DBT, EMDR.

Andrea Chatten was a specialised teacher for over 25 years, working with children from ages 5-16 with emotional and behavioural difficulties. She is now the founder and ‘Lead Children’s Emotional & Behavioural Psychologist’ at unravelsupport.co.uk, and with the help of her thriving team, working with schools and families in and around the Sheffield area and beyond.

Developing positive, trusting relationships has always been at the heart of her practice with children and young people to nudge them into improved psychological well-being. Over the years, Andrea has developed and applied many positive developmental psychology approaches. She is currently studying a PhD in this revolutionary approach which helps children understand and drive positive emotional well-being and has become the BBC’s got-to expert should such issues arise in the news.

This insight is incorporated into her stories to help children, young people and their families gain both more of an understanding and potential strategies to try, in order to deal with an array of behavioural issues that children and young people could be experiencing.

Andrea and her work have featured in: