“My daughters issue with worries has been a ongoing issue since the age of 5. I recently came across your book and decided to read it to my daughter at bedtime. She is 9 years old, the same age as the character Amanda in the book. She loved the story and I think felt relieved that she was not the only child who worries so much. Whilst reading the book, over around 7 nights, I noticed that she seemed much happier in herself as if a weight had been lifted. She obviously still has worries but the book really helped her to see that she was not alone. I asked her to choose which of your books she wanted us to read next and she chose the Self-esteem book. I’ve got a feeling that we will be making our way through the set! I’m hoping that by the end of reading all of your books some of the underlying messages will begin to stick with her. Your Worry book is definitely something that my daughter needed, and I am so thankful as a mother for your work. I will definitely be pointing people in the direction of your books. ” Becky – Mum

“Amazing books – my son loves them. He can really relate to the characters in the book and, because they then discuss what they have read at school, it helps him put into words how he feels sometimes and also shows him that it’s ok to feel that way/he’s not alone.” Claire

“My boys are currently reading these books, it’s almost like they were written for them. At last something my children can relate to and realise they are not the only children that think this way and It’s really starting to make them understand they are not as different as they think they are. Well done.”
Tracy – Mum

“I have just started to read your Worry book and manual. Fantastic. I will recommend to my work colleagues. I wish I had met these books before. I work with SEMH students excluded from school and as a Beaver Scout Leader. I will be saving up to buy the full set.” Karen

“Just read ours again. My son has the full set and it’s really useful for revisiting emotions and understanding feelings. He’s drawn to the different emotions based on what he’s feeling at the time 👍.”

“I recommend The Blinks book Self-esteem as it’s funny at times, well written, influential and a good example of how to make yourself happier in who you are.”
Kate, aged 13

“I love The Blinks because the stories are really exciting and fun and they help you understand feelings and emotions better. I am really looking forward to the next one.” Estelle, aged 9


“When I read worry it was like reading about me. I had felt like that so many times and was so relieved that I wasn’t alone. It was great to know it was normal and I now knew what to do with anxiety from now on.” Elly, aged 16


“I loved reading about Robbie as he reminded me of me sometimes. Knowing that he was worse than me but still improved made me realise that I could too. I also know how to control my anger better now rather than it controlling me sometimes.” James, aged 11