Who are the Blinks?

The Blinks are created from morsels of goodness that all the good folk who have ever lived, leave to the Universe. These could have 3been left behind by people who you have loved in the past. Their whole purpose is to share their wisdom and kindness with children who need support and guidance to promote positive well-being.

For example; Amanda is 9 years old and has always been a worrier but recently her worrying has started to affect her well-being, friendships, sleep, general health and even her learning. She also becomes the target of Maggie & the Meanies who get great pleasure from creating situations for her to worry about. Blink 210504 notices Amanda as he tiptoes around the Northern City of Sheffoold in search of children who are not as happy as they could be. When Amanda is discussed at the midnight bakery meeting, the Blink panel agree that Amanda needs some positive help and is lucky to become part of some very special Blink intervention. As the story unravels, Amanda and some of her classmates begin to make changes that they never thought possible.