The Blinks – Love by Andrea Chatten


Morna, on the surface, is just like you and me, but there is something that she has struggled with for a long time. Morna finds it difficult to feel love. She is surrounded by a big family, and many siblings who all love her dearly but sadly she just can’t feel it. This issue brings many problems and one day when she feels the most alone she has ever felt; she runs away.

Whilst trying to find a hiding place in the park she unknowingly disturbs Blink 16225 Lucy Love-Unlocker who becomes concerned. This isn’t the usual way that Blinks find children and young people to work with, but when Morna is discussed with Chief Blink, they agree they need to begin as soon as possible. However, things get a lot worse before they get better, resulting in the police becoming involved!

As the friendship between them develops, Morna learns a lot about the language of love and how those around her show it. More importantly, she learns lots of important skills that enable her to feel love and to keep the feeling locked in her for as long as possible.