The Blinks – Self-Esteem by Andrea Chatten


The Blinks are created from morsels of goodness, that all the good folk who have ever lived leave to the Universe. Their whole purpose is to share their wisdom and kindness with children.

In ‘The Blinks – Self Esteem’ Edition Bladen and Tim are twins who have spent many years being unkind to each other. This has not helped them develop very positive feelings about themselves. This low self-esteem has affected their confidence, friendships, who they believe they are and their happiness. Things have been difficult for many years, but then the unthinkable happens, and Bladen and Tim think that it is their fault. This causes them to dislike themselves even more.

Larry Love-Who-You-Are recognises this difficult situation and works hard to help the twins and himself overcome some very personal challenges.

This book is for children aged 7+ who want help with learning how to cope with low self-esteem. It is written as a fiction book with lots of messages and guidance woven into the stories about Bladen and Tim and their friends.