The Blinks – Shy by Andrea Chatten

Nazim has always been shy but the older he gets, the more he begins to hate his shyness.  It makes him lack in confidence and leaves it difficult for him to make eye contact, which means he feels awkward around others. His shyness dominates all his thoughts and behaviours which are overwhelming and the bigger the problem gets for him, the less he talks. Then he decides not to talk at all. Time for some Blink intervention!

Blink 24399 Colin Confidence sees a need to help Nazim and teaches him to see his shyness as a special quality that should be celebrated in this loud and fast world. On his journey, Nazim learns many things about himself. He is given tips to help him manage his own shyness at difficult times, and this helps to make his life better all round.  Along the way, Colin Confidence is surprised to experience a few things he didn’t even plan for!